Uninstall String Finder

Uninstall String Finder

This is Uninstall String Finder.

As an application Packager is also have to create the Uninstalls.
And to search throught the registry time after time was a waste of time.
Why not create a program who does that for me?

Easy Peasy VB.NET

Want to let your users know that you wish them well? And am thinking about them?
Why not an Christmas Icon in Week 50 / 51 and 52?

Portable Total Commander

I'm a big fan of Total Commander (http://www.ghisler.com)
I'm bought this program since Windows 3.11, and it improves several times a year.
Using it portable requires some settings, and to do this everytime is a lot of work.

Small CompInfo

Added is a small tool, that can be added to the All users startup.
This will show the information in the attached screen.


How about an ad-free environment at home without any hassle?

Here comes Pi-Hole, a small tool that installs in a small Debian environment and blocks ad's on your network.
No need to change settings in your PC / Laptop / Mobile etc...

I'll explain how you have to install it, rather simple; (This is how I did it)

System Info

This is a small tool I created to see how possible it was to aggregate system information with VB.Net.

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